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This guide would not be possible without the generous support of individuals around our state, dedicated to responsible citizenship.  No candidate or political party paid for any part of this Voter Guide. If you would like to make a donation to continue this valuable work in Delaware, please donate online here.

About the 2016 Voter Guide

All candidates who filed by the time the survey was sent, were asked to respond to issues with “Support, Oppose, or Undecided.” For Candidates who “Declined to Respond” to the survey, contact information is provided to assist citizens in discovering how the candidate will vote on issues.
DFPC Action does not speak for any candidate who has not answered the Voter Guide survey. However, in some cases, information relating to a candidate’s position on an issue is publicly available. The information may include a candidate’s voting records, public statements, campaign materials, or other credible sources. Based on this publicly available information, some positions for candidates who did not respond have been determined after extensive research and are represented with “S+” (Supports based on citations) or “O+” (Opposes based on citations), with a link (or links) to the source of the public statement(s) at DEvoterguide.com.  If it is unknown where a candidate stands on a given issue, the answer has been intentionally left blank. If it is unclear where a candidate stands on a given issue after research, the candidates position is represented with “C”, with a link (or links) to relevant source material.
Clicking a link to the source material takes you away from the DEvoterguide.com web page. DFPC Action is not responsible for the content of such third party websites, which may contain objectionable material. All links were active as of the date research was conducted.

About DFPC Action

DFPC Action is a partner of Delaware Family Policy Council, which exists to advocate for policies that restore and preserve the integrity and significance of the family in the state of Delaware. DFPC works with allied organizations to rebuild a culture of marriage, family, and religious freedom and cultivate the next generation of leaders. 
For more information, visit DFPCaction.com or email us at Response@DFPCaction.com
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